School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council provides a forum for discussion and discernment, where the voice of parents/carers and the wider parish informs and supports the decisions made by the principal and parish priest for the good of school and parish. At all times, School Advisory Councils have the wellbeing of, and outcomes for, students as a paramount consideration.

School Advisory Councils do not have a legal identity and do not become involved in the day-to-day management of the school.

It is important that School Advisory Council members understand that their role is to give consideration to, and advice on, important school matters in order to support the principal in the context of the MACS governance arrangements. The School Advisory Council must act within the parameters of the Terms of Reference for School Advisory Councils.

The School Advisory Council supports the school and the principal in many ways, including by:
• supporting the development of child safety initiatives and culture
• promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture
• articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission
• promoting faith formation and development
• assisting with capital resource planning and maintenance
• disseminating information about the school in accordance with the Terms of Reference for School Advisory Councils
• implementing school policies as required
• supporting and communicating school and parish matters, including the school’s annual report
• giving advice on issues such as enrolments, school improvement plans and enrolment trends
• engaging in discussion about the annual school budget and other financial matters
• giving advice about the school’s master plan.

Terms of Reference for St Paul’s Primary School School Advisory Council

MACS Code of Conduct for School Advisory Council Members