Health and Physical Education

At St Paul’s, we value the importance of physical activity and promote a healthy lifestyle in the students we teach.

We have a Physical Education specialist teacher who takes 40 minute lessons, once per week. The students also enjoy one team sport session each week, taken by the class teachers.

Children are encouraged to learn a variety of individual skills including ball handling, skipping and dance. Modified team games are also played where the emphasis is on safety, participation, teamwork and good sportspersonship.

The Year 6 children participate in Summer and Winter interschool sport. During this time the Year 5 students have organised Physical Education activities.

Each year, the students compete in a whole school Athletics Carnival. Students from senior and middle years may then have an opportunity to progress to the District Athletic Sports.

Every year there is a 2 week intensive swimming program which is compulsory for children in years Prep to Year 4.

An annual camp for the students in years 3, 4, 5 and 6, emphasises physical activity, independence and fun!