At St Paul’s, we aim to develop mathematical skills and knowledge that will allow students to deal confidently and competently with real life mathematical experiences.

Through the teaching of Mathematics, students are empowered to develop life skills, be problem-solvers, think analytically and apply logical reasoning to life experiences.

At St Paul’s, the Mathematics Programme includes the strands of:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

The Mathematics programme supports our students’ individual stages of development and provides a range of opportunities for open-ended tasks, fluency practice, reflection on learning and encouragement of cooperative learning skills. Students’ learning is enhanced by the use of a variety of mathematical tools such as, visual aids, concrete materials, hands on manipulatives and digital technology.

Assessment is ongoing and guides future planning and implementation. The Mathematics Leader (P-6) facilitates planning with all teachers on a weekly basis to discuss and model current practices in Mathematics. The aim of this planning process is to use student data to design rich learning experiences to improve student outcomes that are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum.