At St Paul’s we create an environment where rich dialogue between teachers and students encourages students to explore their ideas and reflect on what they have learnt and how they have learnt it.

We encourage our students to develop collaborative relationships so they feel supported in the learning environment and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

We want our students to be engaged with the curriculum they are offered, see its’ relevance and to take ownership of their own learning. We focus on teaching them how to learn so they can understand goals set and how to achieve them, a skill they will carry beyond the classroom.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of individual students, we analyse student data to inform our practice to ensure student success. We use the following websites to support curriculum design:

Victorian Curriculum from 2018

Horizons of Hope

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Our Youtube Channel features videos explaining the strategies we use when teaching reading and mathematics.

They are presented in English, Vietnamese and Dinka.

More to follow in 2022.