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At St Paul’s we see Student Wellbeing as the core of everything in the school. Every staff member at St Paul’s is seen as a teacher of wellbeing. We believe that if a student has a good sense of self, connectedness and purpose, they will be happier and perform better.

We value Student Wellbeing highly, thus, as recommended by CEOM, we have appointed a Wellbeing Leader.  We have a Student Wellbeing core team, who are responsible for policy development, goal setting and achieving positive outcomes in the area of Student Wellbeing.
The Core Team support the implementation of both national and state initiatives linked to wellbeing.  We also look to make links with local community agencies such as the School Focused Youth Services (SFYS). The Core Team is also responsible for curriculum development in the area of Drug Education, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as well as ensuring our students are developing resilience and social skills as they progress through the year levels.  Click on the links below to view our policies. 

Behaviour Management Policy   Restorative Practices Procedures  Antibullying Policy 
Emergency Procedures First Aid Policy Sunsmart Policy
eSmart Policy Social Media Policy  

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Integral to the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) strategic plan “One Body, Many Parts 2006 – 2010” is the School Improvement Framework. The School Improvement Framework identifies five key spheres. Student Wellbeing is one of those spheres.