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At St Paul’s, we aim to develop mathematical skills and knowledge that will allow students to deal confidently and competently with real life mathematical experiences.

We value learning that is affirming and teaching which supports our students’ individual stages of development. We aim to provide open-ended activities that include the use of technology and hands-on manipulatives, encouraging cooperative learning skills.
Mathematics is taught within the curriculum following the Victorian Curriculum and using a variety of relevant, current resources. Mathematics is purposeful and concepts are revised regularly to ensure understanding.


Assessment is ongoing and guides future planning and implementation. Reporting in Mathematics highlights where students are in relation to the expected national levels in the following areas: Number, Measurement, Chance and Data, Space, Working Mathematically and Structure.  Mathematics is valued highly at St Paul’s, and so we have a Mathematics Leader. This person leads the Numeracy core team, who are responsible for policy development, goal setting and achieving outcomes in the area of Mathematics.