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St. Paul's School believes an education in literacy is one of the keys to having a life worth living!

Through listening, speaking, reading and writing students are empowered to learn how to have a healthy life, develop meaningful relationships, be creative, build knowledge, explore their spiritual growth and celebrate their play and recreation.
At St Paul’s, the English Program includes the dimensions of:
Speaking and Listening

Our learning and teaching is guided by the developmental stages within each of these areas. This also includes the implementation of strategies that promote students’ literacy knowledge, skills and their reflective practice.

 girl and book

A daily literacy block is timetabled in all classes. Each is characterised by whole class group and small group, planned teaching. This allows the teacher to address the learning needs of all students. Information collected from regular assessment of students, identifies the specific literacy learning required to consolidate or extend their knowledge. Students are encouraged to talk about their own learning and clarify their understandings of what they know and value about literacy. This process also ensures all students experience success.

The Literacy Leader (P-6) meets with all teachers on a weekly basis to discuss and model the professional practice of Literacy. The aim is to improve student outcomes through active participation in the Literacy program, encouraging teachers to improve their literacy teaching and learning approaches.
We welcome assistance from our school community in classrooms during the literacy block.  A Parent Helpers Program is held annually to assist parents/carers as they support their children with reading, writing and oral language development.